Yo! What’s up, everyone? My name is Mecca Highsmith. I was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. I am currently a full-time student at Northern Illinois University majoring in Marketing with a target graduation date of 2019. I currently hold the director of Leadership and Development position for an on-campus organization called Black Male Initiative.img_1535.jpg

This men’s lifestyle blog is named The King’s Journal. I chose that name because I wanted the name to resonate in your mind. A blog name that is straight to the point, simple, but powerful. Secondly, I chose the name because my target audience is, but not excluded to, young black men. Having that said, referring to you as Kings will empower you, by reestablishing the respected titles we once held. We once were royalty, and regal. I want you to feel as such on and off this site.

This blog is structured to give you, my fellow Kings, a sense of guidance when developing into your manhood. In today’s day in age, the internet is one of the most accessible and convenient tools that we use. Therefore, I feel that I will be able to reach and influence the masses this way.  When you read this blog, I hope that you take what you need from the posts. Apply and share the knowledge. I want us to be able to communicate with each other in ways to help each other grow. I am learning just as much as you are.  Having that said, please ask questions, leave comments, and share the valuable information provided.

This blog is special due to the fact that it is catered to Black Kings from a Black King. I am striving to provide information that can aid in enhancing you personally, and professionally. As an African-American male living in a society that is meant to tear us apart and strip away our original culture, I want to partake in the healing process and help you understand yourself and surroundings. I want to redefine what it means to be a black king so we can flourish together. This blog will focus, but not limited to, professional development, personal development, and men’s grooming and style.

Lastly, I appreciate you, for joining me on this journey. I promise I will try and produce the best quality content I can provide. I am going to be transparent and real. Every personal thought, opinion, and experience are coming from the heart. Enjoy!