The King’s Barber

Welcome to The King’s Barber! This page is going to be a subsection of The King’s Journal. I want to introduce you to a newly discovered passion I have developed in the last year. I have became a self-taught barber. I have a goal to go to barbering school to get my license in the near future, but as of now, I plan to develop my skills and build my clientele until my work and credibility speak for itself.

How did you start cutting hair?

I naturally gravitated towards cutting hair simply due to the fact that I believe men’s grooming and style is an art that I fell in love with ever since I came to college. For my 17th birthday, my dad surprised me with my first pair of clippers which were the Wahl 5-Star Razor Edger. Once I got those clippers, I utilized them for basic grooming like touching up my own lining and getting rid of any unwanted facial hair. During my freshman and sophomore year of college, there were times where I would give a couple of friends novice quality linings. As time progressed, I eventually bought another pair of beginner clippers called the Andis 18482.

Story Time!

I wanted to be in the beam supreme team and clean before attending an on-campus pageant show. So about an hour before the pageant, I grabbed my clippers and got to chopping. Mind you, I don’t what guards were, dim lighting, I only had one wall mirror, my iPhone SE camera, and I have a cowlick near the front of my lining. Basically, I was setting myself up for a “Damn, who cut your hair?” question. Long story short, I thought I was doing my thing when in actuality I cut my hair too low and I had a bald spot that took up half of the top of my head. However, that did not stop me from going to the pageant………………..I just sat on the balcony to watch the pageant where nobody would see the top of my head.

The moral of the story is you have to try your own product or service before you can sell it others and always view failures as a learning lesson. 

Furthermore, my next milestone was when I got my first straight razor. Once I figured how to utilize such a vital tool for men’s grooming I was instantly locked in. If you want to learn more about straight razors check out one of my previous blog posts here. With all these tools in my arsenal, this was just the beginning. During my junior year of college, my friend Nemo gave me some of his clippers that I could use in the meantime for cutting hair. Subsequently, members of my student organization, Black Male Initiative, allowed me to give them haircuts for free. Around the time of winter break, and after extensive research,  I made an investment to purchase quality barber equipment. I bought the Oster Speedlines, Andis T-Outliner, new blades, new guards, hair duster, cape, etc. This investment was around $400.

Those two clippers and a lot of YouTube and Instagram videos; were the main tools that enabled me to improve my skills. The new equipment possessed more power and better perks that enhanced the quality of my hair cuts.

Ever since that investment, I have updated my equipment again, evolved my brand, developed my professionalism and techniques as a self-taught barber. I envision taking my skills and service to a whole new height in the near future. Starting with The King’s Journal as a platform to share my journey while providing quality content and information for individuals that appreciate grooming, barbering, and professional development.

Thank you for reading and visiting the site! I would appreciate it if you share, like, and comment on this post to spread the information.

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