Oster®️ Fastfeed/Speedlines Clipper Review

First off, let’s clear the air about a common question many barbers may have. The Oster® Fast Feeds and the Oster® SpeedLines are the same clipper. They just have different aesthetics to them. The Fast Feed’s has a burgundy body with a black and silver logo plate towards the silver blade. The Fast Feeds resemble the classic barbershop aesthetic. The SpeedLines have a black body with a black and gold logo plate with gold blade. These clippers have more modern and bold look to them.



  • Hard plastic body
  • Adjustable steel blade easily switches between size #000 to #1 (1/50 to 3/25 inches)
  • 8-foot cord
  • Weight: 1.16lbs


  • 9 watts
  • Whisper Quiet™ pivot motor

Quality and Performance: 7.5/10



  • Very quiet and calming
  • The body of the clipper is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and not as dense as Wahl 5-Star Seniors
  • Cuts through wet and dry hair
  • Great for personal usage


  • Struggles with debulking thick and long hair
  • Made of a hard plastic. Body can easily chip or crack
  • Guards are fairly cheap in quality

Modifications: There are a few things that will improve the quality and experience when using this clipper.

    1. Andis Ceramic BladeClick here to purchase31ygE-4mCcL
    • This blade will remain sharp longer because metal blades are malleable
    • Reduce over heating of blades
    • Cleaner tapers and fades
    • Closer cut because they are slightly longer than the standard Fastfeed/Speedline blade.
  1. Andis Magnetic GuardsClick here to purchasec5fdcc70-9456-4a5f-96cb-041e1e220a03_1.cf27b53fc333153c9f324c9c9a90a354
    • These magnetic guards are more durable than the guard set that comes with the Fast Feed/Speedlines.
    • Combined with the ceramic blade will operate smoothly together
    • Applicable to many other different clippers

Final review:

Very great clipper for beginner barbers. This was my first clipper and I learned a lot of the basic techniques and developed muscle memory with these clippers. It is a very comfortable clipper due to its lightweight. Compared to the Wahl 5-Seniors and Andis Masters; this clipper falls in 3rd place when it comes to power, and precision. I think the FastFeeds and SpeedLines can limit you as a barber. For barbers that want to reduce their time on one head during busy hours; this is not the best clipper to use. This is great for personal use also. One of the most affordable professional clipper

As always, thank you for your time and reading this post! Please leave any additional information in the comments that could add value to this review. Like, Share, and Comment!

-Sir Highsmith

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