Thrifted Threads: Beige Suit Jacket

As the fall and winter season comes into full effect, I want to do a throwback to this past summer where I assembled an outfit that incorporated one of my favorite thrifted items I picked up.

Recently, I have developed a fascination with the art of thrift shopping. I plan to continue this type of blog posting and make this into a series.

IMG_0234 - Edited

This beige suit jacket is the type of color that is ideal for the summer time. It is lightweight and light in color which works well in hotter temperatures.

The story behind this lucky find was pretty straightforward. I went to the local Goodwill in my college town and found this gem. Finding an item like this at my Goodwill location is like a needle in a haystack. So once I found it and put the jacket on, the fit was nearly perfect and it was clear of stains and rips. I love the gold buttons, because I was able to compliment it with my favorite gold watch, and a gold tie clip.

IMG_0237 -Editedf

Furthermore, the tie of choice is an 100% silk tie that was also thrifted around the same time as the jacket, and came from the same store.

The tie incorporates a thick navy blue stripes, with thin gold and red stripes. Due to the striped pattern, it stands out perfectly without being too flashy. It emits a presidential vibe in my opinion.

The tie compliments my blue chinos and the blue lapel flower pin. My purpose of the blue details was to enhance the outfit with a layer of color and life.

IMG_0241- Edited

I decided to go with the no-show socks and cognac leather tassel loafer look to compliment the summer vibes. In hotter temperatures any type of air circulation to keep yourself cool is the way to go.

Tassel Loafers work best in business casual settings, and nights out with friends. A patterned button up with no tie, and dress pants/denim with suede or leather loafers, will ensure a classy yet laid back look. As a shoe with a history of being worn by older men, I challenge all the young Kings out there to experiment with these kicks, and diversify your shoe collection.  Click HERE if you want anymore suggestions about other essentials for your dress shoe collection.


This outfit goes to show, you can be flee without breaking the bank. Cheap prices do not always mean cheap quality. I encourage everyone to hit your local thrift stores. I guarantee, you will be surprised at how many quality items you will find. Get the items tailored, washed or dry cleaned and you are good to go!

As always, thank you for reading and keeping up with The King’s Journal. I hope you enjoyed the content and come back for more. I suggest you leave me any comments, questions, or suggestions in the comment section below. Any feedback is good feedback!

– Sir Highsmith

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