I Don’t Believe in “Trying”

Let me tell y’all something about this word “trying”. It’s a very interesting word, especially the way most people use it. I was criticized by my mentor every time I would use the word when explaining the progress of my goals. Saying “I am trying to go to the gym at least 3 times a week.” or ” I am trying to get at least a 3.0 for the semester.” Y’all are probably thinking.” Why would someone criticize you over such a simple word? “Well once he gave me the reasoning, it all made sense. Let me explain what I mean.

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Let’s first get an idea of what it actually means.


Try: to attempt to do or accomplish; Verb

  • Ex. Try it before you say it’s simple

Trying: extremely annoying, difficult, or the like; straining one’s patience and goodwill to the limit; Adj.

  • Ex. a trying day; a trying experience

The problem I have with the word “trying” is when it is used to explain a future planned action, whatever that may be. Whether it’s reading more books, going to the store, or saving $2000. Saying “I am ‘trying’ to do” something is giving yourself the option of failing to do the action/task.

Basically, you are not 100% sure that you can or want to complete this task; so you use ” trying” as a way to alleviate yourself from the responsibility of completing the task. Which will allow the option of failing, instead of initially thinking that I am going to do and complete the task.

Failure is possible; don’t make it your option. 

In actuality, there is not a loading stage or grey area when doing something. With that said, either you are doing it or you are not.

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Ex. I said I wanted to lose 25lbs in last 4 months. Okay cool, did I take the appropriate steps to lose the 25lbs? No? Then I did not TRY to lose 25lbs I just didn’t do it. However, I did lose 10lbs. I must change something to get the progress and results I want until that “no, I’m not doing it” develops into a “yes, I am doing it”. Very clear and concrete.

Changing your mindset from “I’m trying” to “I am doing or not doing” allows you to hold yourself accountable and become more productive. The mentor I referred to earlier is a guy by the name of Reggie Bates (@Reggie_SoDope [IG & Twitter]). He’s a motivational artist who travels the world and inspires the youth to love themselves and change the world. I reached out to him to speak more about how to change your mindset:

“I’m trying” are two words put together to create the world’s most hindering excuse. It justifies not doing. When you try, it opens the doors to not doing. When things don’t go your way you can rest on the thought of failure because “you tried.” Trying is the safety buffer to not making things happen.

Doing, is a complete shift in mindset. Doing, is the essence of GOD-fidence. Confidence is much like a beautifully sculpted statue. It takes time to chisel but once done it is a masterpiece. A masterpiece that people can talk about and with the correct tools they can chisel it down and destroy it. GOD-fidence cannot be chiseled. GOD-fidence is the Sphinx of Giza. It is one of the many pyramids in Egypt that was intentionally crafted, cannot be duplicated, and will stand for many more centuries. GOD-fidence cannot be broken down, can only be accepted due to its greatness.

That’s how you shift the mindset. By getting spiritually centered, you’ll be shown your godly gifts and your passion. That passion will be so potent it can’t be contained. It will be your happiness and success in all that you do. It will be hard to fail because all of your future success will depend on it. Your livelihood, your happiness, your world will depend on everything that you do because you will no longer do things that are not for you. You TRY things that you aren’t sure of. You TRY calamari because seafood is foreign to you, you TRY a new barber when you entered a new town, you cannot keep “trying” success. Life is too important and your story is too rich for you to continuously try. We have to become habitual do’ers. When you become addicted to doing and eliminate trying from your life then you start to grow in ways that cannot be explained. Your growth will be backed by GODfidence and unable to be stopped.

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To conclude, using the word “trying” has the potential to mentally limit you from your ultimate greatness. I truly feel your actions are a product of your thoughts and your actions should complement your words. With that said, I want you all to think positive, speak positive, and do great for optimal success. When you do something, do it with 100% effort.

Thank you for reading King and Queens! Stay posted for more fruitful content. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this ideology in the comments. Let’s discuss!

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe in “Trying”

  1. Facts bro!! Limiting the usage of the word “trying” will definitley uplift your confidence level to proceed and excute any of your goals. Great blog!!

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