The College Logic Series: What’s So Special? (Part 3)



  • Mentorship is a vital key to personal and professional success. I never knew the effect of a quality mentor and mentee relationship until I came to college. Mentoring is a long-term relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. A mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching, and support. I had mentors before I even knew I had a one. Mentorship goes beyond friendship because it is an investment in one another. The qualities of a solid mentor and mentee relationship include time, effort, trust, accountability, vulnerability and much more. If established correctly it can take your success and happiness to a place you never would imagine. When I stepped on campus, there were some people that would demise the freshman but there are some other people that would take them under their wing. I did not notice the people that invested in me until now. I have 2 official mentors and 2 mentees. My mentors provide mentorship in different areas of my life which allows me to have a well-rounded success rate. When someone supports you and believes in your potential you do not want to let them down but most importantly don’t let yourself down.


What do you need? Internship? Job? Library? Church? Counseling? Resume revision? Gym? Computer lab? Study Abroad? Studio? Professional development workshop? Entertainment? Food? A place where your voice can be heard? I can go on for days. If you need debt college has that too. What I am trying to say is, college provides so many different resources in a centralized location that your hometown may not provide. It is there for you to utilize. I know many King’s that come from an environment where there aren’t many resources or quality resources in their local area. Having that said, changing their environment allows them to see different things.  Transitioning back and forth from my home to NIU. I can see the difference in the consumption of my daily resources. A lot of opportunities that support me in bettering myself have come from NIU. For example, internships, gym, professional development, etc.


Welp! After reading all that, I think the $20,000 doesn’t sound bad for all that comes with it, right? Even though college isn’t for everyone, I think it is but at different points in their life because there’s a great amount of self-discovery that takes place. If you’re currently in college, please take notes, and allow this series to push you to finish off the rest of your semesters strong.

Thank you for reading this part of The College Logic Series! What do you think college is the most beneficial for? Also, please share with anybody that is trying to find their purpose of continuing or going to college. Check back into this series where I will be giving my perspective on the Academics portion of college. The part that nobody likes haha. Click Here for Part 1, and Part 2 .

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