The College Logic Series: Intro

Why college? Why should I become a student of an institution that could cause future debt? Why should I enroll in classes revolving around a major that does not even guarantee future success? What’s the difference between a PWI vs HBCU education? What can college provide that I can’t obtain myself? What can college teach me that the real world can’t?

BeFunky CollageA lot of questions that trickled into my thoughts since I made the transition from high school to college. I feel as though many can relate to this. These questions recently flooded my brain due to this recent past semester. I can call this my roughest semester yet. I struggled academically which brought my GPA down .35 points. Just like a credit score, a GPA takes a quality effort to bounce back up from a downfall.
Once I saw where my grades were heading, I started to reconsider my major, my study habits, my time management, my purpose for after college etc. Once these thoughts started to arise the purpose of this blog series started to come about. Having that stated, I wanted to project my perspective on the aspect of college; purposefully, to adjust the lenses of those Kings and Queens that are either struggling to finish college or are on the fence about going to college. I believe Kings and Queens should always strive to gain knowledge in whatever way possible, especially in today’s society where we are placed in a sandpit. College is the place knowledge is gained and success is developed.  Even though college may be the leading cause of debt, stress, alcohol poisoning, STI’s, and confusion, leaving you saying “now what” after you graduate.  Based off my experience so far, I can truthfully say it has a lot more to offer then what it shows on the surface. So keep up with this series as it will discuss many relatable topics focused on college. Contact me about any topics or ideas you would like to see within this series.

3 thoughts on “The College Logic Series: Intro

  1. This is awesome, you’re fucking killing it. My worst semester brought my goal about the same, and this semester through one management I️ brought it right fucking back up because I️ prioritized my personal health and grades above all other things (and sometimes people). I️ finally learned how to STUDY after years of just winging it, relying on prior knowledge to scrape by. It just takes a person to say themselves “I’m done. I️ am ready for a change. F^*# this.” For me, it took almost getting SUSPENDED because of my grades to snap out of it. But here I️ am, snapped out of it.

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    1. That’s great to hear! Thank you for the feedback. I am in that space too honestly. I am about to go back to school in full grind mode. Figuring out what study, time, and organization method works for me.

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