Straight Razor: Why Every King Needs One!

Here we go! This is the first of many blog posts. As a start, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for viewing this Men’s Lifestyle blog. This is a journey I want you to be a part of. I promise I will try to provide the best information possible! My goal is for us to grow as Kings. While simultaneously treating yourself and others like royalty.

Having that said, I want to introduce a necessity that will enhance a King’s grooming, which is the Single Blade Straight Razor.


This effortless tool has a history of bringing convenience, precision, quality, and respect to every face it touches. A single-blade straight razor can range from a couple dollars to a hundred dollars, depending on the quality. I will go over the basics for you to understand the perks of this fine tool.

First off, a single-blade straight razor is the ideal tool for black men. We have a naturally curly thick hair texture which means we are more prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


Multi-blade cartridge razors are more likely to cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs because they tug on your hair, and it cuts beneath the skin for a closer shave. If our hair is cut beneath the skin, when it grows, it can potentially curl up under; or grow out and curl into the skin where the hair follicles can produce slight swelling. Meanwhile, single-blade straight razors cut the hair follicles at skin level allowing the hair to grow out smoothly without irritation.


Money Saver

  • Unlike cartridge razors, depending on the type of straight razor you own, you can use it for at least a year without buying a new one with the proper maintenance. Even with cheap quality straight razors, replacing the razor blade costs a couple dollars for a decent quantity. In the end, resulting in saving more money monthly.
  • Not only is the tool cheaper, but it may save you a trip to your barber, by simply cleaning up your face with a line-up or a shave.


  • Facial hair and hairlines are the billboard and structure of our face. Everyone who has hair would want to make sure everything is crispy…. I hope. Shaving and lining yourself up with a straight razor requires concentration and patience. This process from start to finish may feel like a method of meditation, and the satisfaction of a job well-done is rewarding.

Multiple uses

  • You can use a single blade straight razor for shaving, lining up hairlines, and as a weapon in a desperate time of need for defense…….Just kidding.

How to Hold a Single-Blade Straight Razor


Imperative Steps


  1. Loosen up hair
    • You remember in the barbershop when you would see other Kings getting their faces wrapped in a steamy towel? Exactly! Its purpose is to soften up the hair for a smoother shave. You can do this process in the comfort of your own home by soaking a towel in hot water. Next, you would wring out any excess water, and then wrap the preferred area of your face. Remove after 45-60 seconds.
  2. Use a shaving cream/ soap
    • A cream or soap will reduce friction by lubricating the facial hair. A dry shave can cause tugging that can rip the hair follicles out.
  3. Cut and Stroke
    • While shaving, pull your skin in a direction until it is taut. Make sure you are in a comfortable position. Keeping the skin taut will increase the smoothness of shaving. When it comes to stroke, make sure you are doing the short and slow. A stroke too long or too fast could potentially lead to cutting yourself, due to the lack of control of the razor.
    • It is important to cut with the grain of your hair; which means cutting in the same direction that your hair grows in. Cutting against the grain, the opposite direction could cause ingrown hairs or razor bumps.
    • Cut at a 30-degree angle with minimal pressure. The width of the blade should almost be able to lay flat on your skin. Remember that this is a metal razor, therefore, too much pressure, and shaving with the razor nearly perpendicular to the skin surface could cause cuts and slits in the skin.
  4. After Shave
    • Once you are all done and you sculpted a masterpiece, finish with an aftershave. Clean and dry off your razor to prevent rusting and deterioration.



Personally, I have used a straight razor since I started to grow the small amount of facial hair I have. I obtained my straight razor from the local beauty supply store for about $5 with a pack of razor blades for $3. As a beginner, I recommend you start with an inexpensive disposable single blade straight razor. Once you feel comfortable and want to elevate your royalty,  you can move onto more costly razors that require more maintenance through a method called honing. However, that’s a topic for another day!

When you are first using a straight razor, minor cuts are bound to happen. It’s okay though because practice literally makes perfect! Just know, once you master this art, these beautiful Queens will peep, and appreciate how you are always the cleanest King on the scene. I hope you enjoyed this post, and come back for more. Please leave a comment, share this post and put other Kings on game!


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